Amid the Crazy Enterprise Valuations, Google Finds a Steal of a Deal: Entrepreneurs and Bankers Take Heed; A Blog thanks Connecticut’s JLC Group for below extract.

How to differentiate your disruptive and innovative company from the rest? Have your chief cheerleader (presumably your CEO) make an epic statement in which your entire company and your constituents can continuously hang their hats on..  The following is a classic example:

“We think we are going to fundamentally change humanity’s understanding of the economic landscape on a daily basis.” Skybox co-founder Dan Berkenstock

The above words from an entrepreneur whose offering is seemingly perceived to be something simple: satellite technology.

If you are an aspiring tech czar in the capital raising mode, a brand enhancement specialist, a brokerdealer or venture capitalist doing due diligence, or a mere investment banker who is working with an advanced-stage company whose execs are also looking to you to help ‘craft the value proposition” to investors, your target audience will always be more inspired when you perspire passion to the point where its dripping from your pores.

The context of the above quote is in connection with a very compelling piece written by WSJ reporter Christopher Mims in his aptly-titled column “KEYWORDS”

Hyperlink above will bring you to the June 16 WSJ article: The story itself is not merely about enterprise valuation techniques and not only about the next great technology innovation, the story transcends borders for those who can read in between the lines..