Spain Broker-Dealers and Bankers : Realty Offers Real Deals for Investors

dealbook_post blog thanks NYT DealBook for their coverage of Spain broker-dealer and banker activity. database of Spain broker-dealers, bankers and institutional investors seeking opportunities is a good place to start for those seeking funding and financing.

“As one of the most moribund housing markets in Europe, Spain has become a magnet for global bargain hunters. Real estate prices are down as much as 50 percent from their peak during a housing bubble, and investors from Asia to the United States and Britain are flocking to Spain to try to catch the uptick.

“It’s crazy the number of investors coming in,” said Fernando Acuña, co-founder of Aura, a start-up real estate advisory firm in Spain, as he toggled between multiple screens dissecting data in the residential real estate market and showing the uptick in Google searches for “comprar piso” — “buy an apartment” — in his bustling office on Madrid’s fashionable Almirante Street.

Small firms like Mr. Acuña’s, midsize investment banks in Spain and global banks in London are buzzing with investors looking for different ways to play the real estate market, by buying apartments or office buildings, scooping up loans from Sareb or the banks themselves, creating pools of capital to buy real estate assets or buying servicing platforms, which give the private equity firms that own them the ability to manage their assets as well as critical market intelligence…”

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silicon valley businessCourtesy of Silicon Valley Business Journal and Cromwell Schubarth

MobileIron, the mobile device management software company, on Thursday gave new hope to those worried that the IPO boom of the past year had run out of steam.

The Mountain View company, led by CEO Bob Tinker, said it plans to raise up to $128 million when it sells 11.11 million shares to the public alongside another allotment to insiders.

That’s above the $100 million placeholder fundraising target MobileIron announced at the beginning of April when it made its first public disclosure of its plans.

Raising price targets from that initial filing number, which is only disclosed for tax and fee purposes, isn’t a big deal in normal times. Nearly all of the IPOs during the recent streak did that. Some raised their targets more than once before their Wall Street debuts.

But that hadn’t been the case in the past two months, when investors started pushing back on companies that were all revenue growth and that had no profit in sight.

The chill on Wall Street prompted MobileIron, Arista Networks and Box all to postpone IPOs that had been expected before Memorial Day.

Now Arista and MobileIron have jumped back into line, both raising their top target numbers.

Santa Clara-based Arista on Monday said it expects to raise up to $241.5 million, above the $200 million top target that it projected in late March when it first officially disclosed its plans to go public. But it was also unusual among some startups in the fact that it has been profitable in the three years leading up to its impending stock offering.

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Is Your Startup Really Ready to Go Public? Uh Oh or IPO…Expert Insight

entrepreneur-magazine-may-2014 blog provides this excerpt courtesy of article contributed to Entrepreneur Magazine by Martin Zwilling, CEO Startup Professionals

With the recent apparent successes of several startups in taking their company public (initial public offering) and raising billions of dollars, I’m hearing a groundswell of enthusiasm from new entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps to fund their companies and become billionaires overnight.

“If Facebook, Yelp and Twitter can do it, then why not me?”

Current IPO activity feedback seems to support their excitement. In the first quarter of 2014, the U.S. IPO market showed more activity than any other first quarter since 2000, with 64 companies raising $10.6 billion. That is more than double the number of IPOs in the first quarter of 2013. With 103 new filings during the quarter, the rest of 2014 is on track to keep up this record pace.

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On the other side of the coin, new entrepreneurs seem to forget that 64 startups is a miniscule percentage of the companies seeking funding during the first quarter. According to the Small Business Administration, about 600,000 new businesses are started in the U.S. each year, and a large percentage are always looking for money.

What should an entrepreneur look for in his own startup as a reality check on his own aspirations to be a serious IPO candidate? Here is my collection of the key considerations, based on my own experience, scanning the literature and talking to experts in this domain: Continue reading Launches Business Intelligence Portal For Bankers, Investors and Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

Immediate News Release Launches Broker-Dealer Business Intelligence Portal for Global Bankers,

Qualified Investors and Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

New York, NY—May 28–Broker Dealer LLC, a provider of financial industry corporate intelligence and qualified investor databases, announced today the launch of a new, broker dealer web-based portal that incorporates 100,000 broker dealer, investment banker and securities dealer profiles as well as upwards of 20,000 qualified investors extending across 35 major countries, including capital formation brokers and deal investors based in North America, EU, Eastern Europe, China, Pacific Rim, the Middle East and Africa.

Apart from detailed lead generation and decision-maker metadata, the company’s platform incorporates a range of social media applications, including a “deal room” forum that enable capital-seeking business enterprises to share their business plans with professional deal-sourcing bankers and private funding sources that include qualified angel investors, hedge fund managers, private equity and venture capital firms and family offices seeking investment opportunities. The firm’s investor database is available for free and is accessible via

“ could be the right domain for this new player in the business intelligence space when considering the evolution of the JOBS Act in the U.S., the global embracement of crowd-funding in advance of traditional investment bank capital-raising techniques and the depth of global contact information available within the database. The social networking function within its subscriber-based platform is compelling, and it’s advertising-free.” was designed to help connect companies seeking broker dealers, funding, underwriting, or lead manager assistance for debt and equity offerings. The platform was created out of the need to give entrepreneurs, investors and data providers the ability to connect with one another. The broker dealer databases found on includes information such as broker dealer’s name, address, phone, URL/emails, and most important, a description of what the broker-dealer actually performs. If a company is seeking to raise capital for a real estate project the user will be able to filter the broker dealer databases – on a global scale – and reach out. anticipates adding 45 additional securities dealer and broker directories, giving network members of upwards of 75 of the world’s most popular broker dealer lists.

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Twitter: @broker_dealer

Crowdfunding Site “Fundrise” Raises 1st Round of Financing; Chinese Real Estate Moguls Join Tech Execs In Venture provides below extract courtesy ofdealbook_post NY Times and reporter Amy Cortese.


Fundrise co-founders Daniel Miller (l) and David Miller. Photo courtesy of Vannessa Vick for the NY Times

Fundrise, a website that aims to draw in a broad range of investors to finance commercial real estate deals, has raised more than $31 million in its first round of funding from a group of prominent technology, real estate and other backers.

Fundrise, based in Washington, is a pioneer in real estate crowdfunding, allowing individuals to directly invest with as little as $100 in hotels, apartment buildings and other development projects. Until recently, even small-scale real estate projects typically had been the exclusive domain of wealthy investors and private equity firms.

The company was founded by two brothers, Benjamin and Daniel Miller, in August 2012, shortly after the JOBS Act legalized crowdfunding, although they began working on the concept as early as 2010.

The financing round was led by Renren, a large social networking company based in China. It is also being backed by several real estate firms and individuals including executives of Silverstein Properties, the owner and developer of the World Trade Center; Rising Realty Partners, a Los Angeles developer; the Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group; Scott Plank, a real estate developer and former Under Armour executive; and Richard Boyle, former chief of Loopnet, an online commercial real estate listing service. The Collaborative Fund, an investment fund, also participated in the round.

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