full list of Malaysian broker-dealers and investors

If you are seeking investors or broker dealers and investment bankers in Malaysia to invest in or arrange capital investment for your business idea or expansion capital, then you are at ideal place to link with right financing resources to raise capital and secure financing for your business in Malaysia.

At, you will be able to find up-to-date database list of Malaysian investors and licensed broker dealers. If your company is seeking to raise capital via debt or equity offerings and needs to find local investors in Malaysia to provide working and expansion capital for your business, our database will help you connect with bankers, investment broker dealers and investors. Broker-dealers in our database are licensed under Bursa Malaysia (MYX) previously known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE), which allows both foreign investors and Malaysian investors to make securities offerings on international platform.

The Malaysian broker dealers in our database are well-versed in capital markets transactions and issuing securities via Malaysian stock exchange i.e. Bursa Malaysia. The bankers aka broker-dealers are equally knowledgeable about local equities market, bond market, financial development, and fund management. With their immense experience and multi-industry knowledge, the Malaysia-based broker dealers and qualified investors are capable of providing capital raising solutions to start-up and established businesses seeking funds for growth and expansion.

From databases, users can easily filter down their search to locate bankers, broker-dealers and investors according to their specific areas of expertise and deal interest. For example, if you are a technology company seeking investment funding, you can search the database using filter options, so that the results would be target oriented. In addition, you can also review the complete profile of the investors/broker-dealers for initial screening, prior to selecting the right group to work with.