full list of Indonesia broker-dealers and investors

Without a doubt with the constantly changing business demands entrepreneurs looks for investors, brokers or dealers in order to expand their business and experienced extensive growth in comings years. Expand you business with right financing resourcing to lift up capital and secure financing for your organization in Indonesia. brings a bundle of amazing finance related services through their updated database list of Indonesian investors with certified dealers and brokers. In case you company aims to increase capital through debt or equity and looking for local investor in Indonesia to help you with the expansion of your business capital, then broker dealer’s database is all what you need because we connect you to best bankers, investment brokers and dealers in town. A number of licensed brokers and dealers are in association with us who work to provide our clients with best of their services. All are broker and investment dealers are certified by Indonesian Stock Exchange formerly known as Jakarta Stock Exchange before it merged with Surabaya Stock Exchange.   

The Indonesian broker dealers we have are well experienced and expert in capital market transaction and providing security through ISE. The banker also called as broker are proficient and qualified enough about national equities, financial establishment, bond market and fund management that they finish each task with great proficiency. 

At you can easily search for or bankers, broker, investors and dealers with respect to your customized needs and interest. Whether you are from technology company or food organization, we have a large data base for you to get best finance professional. You can go through our profile of investors and brokers to understand our business process.