Bahrain database of broker-dealers and investment bankers provides the comprehensive database of investors and broker dealers located in Bahrain. All the bankers and investment deal brokers in our database are registered under Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) or Bahrain Bourse. It is governed by the rules and regulations issued by Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).

There are many companies that are completely open to foreign investors providing all the legal benefits of ownership of securities to the foreigners. The securities involved in market offerings are as follows:

  1. Mutual funds
  2. Equity finance
  3. Debt finance
  4. Bonds & Sakuk
  5. Trade shares etc.

BSE management is responsible for the monitor, review, and update the exchange’s laws and rules on regular basis in order to enhance the economic growth of Bahrain.

If you are seeking funding opportunities to raise capital for the expansion of your early-stage company, Bahraini investors and broker dealers in our database could be the right option for your company to raise capital locally or globally. We have high profile individual investors and investment firms ready to endow their money and industry knowledge for high potential businesses or entrepreneurs.

At, there is a range of Bahraini investment firms enrolled to offer investment opportunities to various kinds of businesses, such as, banking, finance, insurance, service, industry, and hotel & tourism sector. You can find specific investors or broker dealers as per the nature of investment you are seeking by using our advance search menu bar having diverse filtering options.