list Austria registered brokers and deal investors

Here at, we offer complete profiles of investors, brokers, and dealers willing to invest in emerging and established businesses in Austria. If your company is seeking investors or broker dealers from Austria to invest in or facilitate funding for your business idea or growing business by raising equity capital or debt financing, the database of licensed brokers, bankers and qualified investors can help you source funding for expansion.

At, you can find updated database list of Austrian investors or broker dealers. Whether your company is seeking to raise capital via debt offerings or equity finance opportunities, you can find qualified institutional investors and broker-dealers that match your needs and requirements. Our database will help you select the best investment source candidates to provide funding for your start-up or fast growing business. All the Austrian investment companies or individuals in our databases are registered under CEE Stock Exchange Group (CEESEG), which is responsible for cross-border tasks and the coordination of international projects.

The Austrian broker dealers in our database are well-versed in capital market transactions and new issues floated on the Wiener Börse AG (also known as the Vienna Stock Exchange). Their expertise extends across the local and international stock and bond markets, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other financial securities. The database includes qualified investors and broker dealers who provide direct financing or play an intermediary role in raising capital for a broad assortment of business and/or emerging entrepreneurs based in Austria.

The database at offers custom search options enabling subscribers to narrow down the search results and identify targeted investors according to investor interest and profiles. Furthermore, users can also review the complete profile of investors and broker-dealers for initial screening, prior to selecting the right business partner or investment banker.