Financial tech Start-ups and their value blog update courtesy of financial industry publication TabbForum; those interested in fast-growth start-ups that have secured a presence within the trading technology space would want to visit OMEX Systems

FinTech disruption is in its early innings, particularly on the institutional side. But the number of exciting startups is growing. This growth is occurring due to the vast coverage of industries and asset classes that companies such as ChartIQ and OMEX Systems have been benefitting from clients that are looking to profit from the data they collect.

You’ve likely heard of companies such as Lending Club in the lending sector, Wealthfront for wealth management, and Square for payments. Companies such as these are reinventing very old processes in their respective sectors, and there are many more examples of technology firms like these that are gaining mainstream recognition. But there are thousands of startups reimagining much more niche functions in financial services, and many of them could be complementary or competitive to your own business.

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