Find a Brokerdealer who is also Socially Responsible blog update courtesy of extract from Investment News.

Socially responsible investors look to promote concepts and ideals that the investors feel strongly about. Generally, socially responsible investors accomplish this by investing in stocks that the investor believes best hold to important values to the investor; advocate for share holders in corporate decisions; and investing in communities and helping with community service activities.

Socially responsible investing is on the rise, and women advisers are leading the way in offering clients opportunities to invest in a personally meaSocially Responsible Investingningful way.

The wealth management industry as a whole is opening its eyes to potential business gains from the increasing client demand for investments with environmental and social impact. Nearly half of the 1,913 advisers surveyed said they’ve offered an SRI options to clients because the clients requested it.

Most financial professionals expect investor interest in SRI to trend upward, especially among young, affluent investors who strongly value sustainable investments and want to put their money where their values are.

“It’s clear that [socially] responsible investment strategies are now a client expectation that advisers need to be equipped to provide,” said First Affirmative senior vice president Betsy Moszeter. “We are encouraged to see that industry professionals are looking ahead, and understand that the views and concerns of Millennial investors will need to be addressed in coming years.”

Socially Responsible Investors will work hard to make the voices of their investors heard and invest in businesses and governments that make a positive impact in our country and around the world.

With the need for socially responsible investors on the rise, find a Brokerdealer that supports the values you care about most and will invest in companies and governments that hold the same values up high as you do and an brokerdealer that will advocate for you. provides several databases that offer many different socially responsible investors to work with.