More Than Half of VC-Backed Start-ups Valued at $1Bil+ are B2B blog update is courtesy of this a.m.’s WSJ CIO Journal and reporter Rachel King: For companies who aspire to the same success as the biggest and best, selecting the right investment banker and broker-dealer can mean the difference between greatness and simply a great idea (that never made it..) The database can help entrepreneurs source and locate bankers, licensed investment brokers and qualified investors across the globe.


Twenty of 35 VC-backed startups valued at $1 billion or more are business-to-business companies, including Dropbox Inc., Palantir Technologies Inc. and Cloudera Inc. That’s a higher percentage of B2B startups than during the dot-com bubble years of 1999 and 2000. For some of these startups, the high valuations can help inspire confidence with prospective corporate customers. For others, the overall rise in valuations is reminiscent of previous instances of collective — and misplaced — euphoria. “I’m not worried,” Karim Faris, general partner at Google Ventures, tells CIO Journal. “There’s a lot more meat to the bone this time around than there was in 1999.” The WSJ CIO Journal full list of $1B+ startups is in this article.) Launches Business Intelligence Portal For Bankers, Investors and Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

Immediate News Release Launches Broker-Dealer Business Intelligence Portal for Global Bankers,

Qualified Investors and Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

New York, NY—May 28–Broker Dealer LLC, a provider of financial industry corporate intelligence and qualified investor databases, announced today the launch of a new, broker dealer web-based portal that incorporates 100,000 broker dealer, investment banker and securities dealer profiles as well as upwards of 20,000 qualified investors extending across 35 major countries, including capital formation brokers and deal investors based in North America, EU, Eastern Europe, China, Pacific Rim, the Middle East and Africa.

Apart from detailed lead generation and decision-maker metadata, the company’s platform incorporates a range of social media applications, including a “deal room” forum that enable capital-seeking business enterprises to share their business plans with professional deal-sourcing bankers and private funding sources that include qualified angel investors, hedge fund managers, private equity and venture capital firms and family offices seeking investment opportunities. The firm’s investor database is available for free and is accessible via

“ could be the right domain for this new player in the business intelligence space when considering the evolution of the JOBS Act in the U.S., the global embracement of crowd-funding in advance of traditional investment bank capital-raising techniques and the depth of global contact information available within the database. The social networking function within its subscriber-based platform is compelling, and it’s advertising-free.” was designed to help connect companies seeking broker dealers, funding, underwriting, or lead manager assistance for debt and equity offerings. The platform was created out of the need to give entrepreneurs, investors and data providers the ability to connect with one another. The broker dealer databases found on includes information such as broker dealer’s name, address, phone, URL/emails, and most important, a description of what the broker-dealer actually performs. If a company is seeking to raise capital for a real estate project the user will be able to filter the broker dealer databases – on a global scale – and reach out. anticipates adding 45 additional securities dealer and broker directories, giving network members of upwards of 75 of the world’s most popular broker dealer lists.

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