For this Best-In-Class BrokerDealer, Its About Best Execution blog update continues its series profiling the financial services industry’s leading brokerdealers with a snapshot of boutique firm WallachBeth Capital, the agency-only institutional broker specializing in ETFs, Closed-End funds (CEFs), options, and equities research of “under-followed,” but fast growth companies within the healthcare sector.

Below video provides true color and frames the firm’s value proposition in a comprehensive manner. Further below is a Q&A with firm principals Michael Wallach and David Beth, both of whom are 25+ year sell-side trading market veterans and are each considered to be industry thought-leaders by both buyside clients and sell-side peers.

Q. I’m familiar with the term “inter-dealer-broker” aka “IDB”, a broker that serves as intermediary between competing sell-side broker/dealers for the purpose of maintaining anonymity; why does WallachBeth refer to the firm as “inter-market broker.”

Wallach: We go far beyond the typical sell-side boundaries, which is the universe that IDB’s limit themselves to.
Our trading relationships extend not only across the spectrum of competing Tier 1 sell-side facilitation desks, but also includes high-touch prop trading and market-making firms, along with a wide range of hedge funds and other buy-side managers, all of whom actively trade the underlying cash instruments, options, futures, fixed income or commodities that map to the products that we specialize in. Continue reading