Africa Broker-Dealers: Growing Flowers and Seed Investors

As a follow-up to spotlighting KKR’s investment in flower firm Afriflora, a description of the African Securities Exchange Association (ASEA), which brings together members from the 23 securities exchanges in Africa¬† can be found here.

Africa investor, the trading platform from Marco Polo World  seamlessly connects African Brokers and Exchanges with global buy side originators, broker dealers and exchange points. It represents the most formidable order dissemination and execution network for Africa available in the market today.

If you’re considering trading into and out of Africa and emerging markets, talking with the Africa investor Marco Polo Network should be your first step. We offer the simplicity of a single connection to African and emerging markets around the globe.

For firms that originate trades into Africa and local brokers that execute them, The Africa investor Marco Polo is the electronic, FIX-enabled trading network that brings transactions into compliance with regional rules and regulations, allowing for seamless cross-border transactions.

These capabilities are multi-directional. Traders that are based in Africa use the same platform to execute trades outside of their own borders, without worrying about different versions of FIX or trading rules and regulations in other countries.

As a network built by capital markets professionals for capital markets professionals, we provide instant infrastructure, reliable transaction messaging, and comprehensive 24/6 client support in all markets. Our goal is to support African exchanges and free traders to focus on what they do best.